Fellow – Thomas Thurston — Founder, Growth Science

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Growth Science was founded by Thomas Thurston following a year-long research effort he led at the Harvard Business School with professor Clayton Christensen and the Intel Corporation. Thurston had previously helped found an Intel business in the high performance computing industry that was ultimately spun-out and acquired by a competitor. The experience motivated Thurston to start building a database of Intel’s prior innovations, acquisitions and venture capital investments. He wanted to search for quantitative patterns to better predict when innovations would survive or fail.When patterns began to emerge, Thurston noticed those patterns were reminiscent of what Harvard professor Clayton Christensen had described in his acclaimed Disruption Theory. The two then collaborated at Harvard, where the research could develop more fully, and where the dataset could grow beyond Intel’s investment history. Following the work with Christensen, Thurston founded Growth Science as a private research firm to continue building on the initial findings in partnership with an elite group of Fortune 500 firms. While at Harvard, Christensen introduced Thurston to renowned investor Bill Hambrecht, who also began working with Thurston to successfully apply the models in venture capital and equity market transactions.Today, Thurston is Managing Director of WR Hambrecht Ventures, and founder of Growth Science.

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