Asher Weintraub

On November 28, 2013, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlapped for the first time in over a century, an event that will not happen again until the year 79811.  Inspired by this convergence, 10-year-old New York City resident Asher Weintraub conceived of the Menurkey™, a menorah shaped like a turkey.  Along with naming the Menurkey™ and designing its logo, Asher used Tinkercad to create the first prototype, then urged his parents to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for its production.  Quickly becoming an internet  phenomenon, the Menurkey™ raised twice its campaign goal and was manufactured in both plaster and ceramic and sold in stores nationwide. Featured in multiple news outlets, the Menurkey™ came to define the hybrid holiday, inspiring an invite from the White House and a thank you to Asher from President Obama for his ‘creativity and resourcefulness.’  Following Asher’s mandate, a percentage of Menurkey proceeds were donated to charity. The Menurkey created a new dialogue around the spirituality of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving and brought joy to countless Thanksgivukkah tables around the country.


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  1. saul pressner says:

    asher: i am so proud of you for your imagination and thoughtfulness as a great human being. mazel tov! all the best, saul

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