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Mary Fisher did not wait for change; she became it. In the darkest days of the American AIDS epidemic, she showed millions a “new face of AIDS.” Through her speeches, books, painting, quilts and ethical jewelry, she’s called powerful audiences around the world to protect the powerless. She’s helped build clinics, schools, and sustainable social enterprises enabling vulnerable women to realize their dreams. Co-founder of “100 Good Deeds,” she’s now inspiring a movement to change the world as she has: one person, one deed at a time.


Kylie Morgan is 14 and in 8th grade in Charlotte, NC.  She is a straight “A” student and swims 6 days a week, hoping to someday swim in the Olympics. When Kylie was 12 she played a game with her Dad called “100 Good Deeds,” a game to selflessly do good for others.  It sparked an idea about using some beads to keep count, which ignited Mary Fisher’s 100 Good Deeds Bracelet, which has become a vehicle to empower vulnerable women worldwide.  Seeing the struggle for some of her classmates to meet their community service requirements back home, Kylie petitioned her PTA to allow her and her brother Bryan to start a community service club at her school– The 100 Good Deeds Club– in which she and her classmates identify issues in their own community, come up with ideas and solutions to help and go out and make it happen.

Kylie is the older sister of 3 brothers and loves sushi, school, swimming and good books.

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