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Glenn Beck, one of America’s leading multi-media personalities, is the founder and owner of TheBlaze, a 24/7 news, information and opinion network that is available on television and online. attracts 10 million unique visitors per month. Beck’s quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made The Glenn Beck Program the third highest rated radio program in America and his unique blend of modern-day storytelling and insightful views on current events allowed him to achieve the extraordinary feat of having #1 New York Times bestsellers in both fiction and non-fiction.

Beck also stars in a live stage show and is the editor of He previously hosted a phenomenally successful show on Fox News.  While Beck entered the media world as a DJ at the tender age of 13, everything changed when he found a new vision of his career – talk radio. In 2002, he launched The Glenn Beck Program on just 47 stations with the mission to make listeners “feel goodness from my show and accept me for who I am, flaws and all.” Nothing has been the same since.

Today, just a few years later, he owns his own television network, his radio show can be heard across the country on over 400 stations, his books reach the top of bestseller lists and he travels across the country performing his live stage show to sold-out audiences. Across all of these mediums, Beck connects with his fans in a whole new way, inspiring and entertaining them with his humor, hard-hitting interviews and honest tales about his life.

Glenn Receives the Charles Darwin Prize, Presented by The Economist

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  1. Peter McLaren says:

    Saw the full page in The Economist – became curious.
    What are the criteria required to win the Charles Darwin

  2. Blake Johnson says:

    That’s a great piece written on Glenn Beck. Very accurate. I’m a huge fan of him and The Blaze Network!

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