Disruptive Innovation Revisited: Toward Quantum Innovation

On Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Accenture and Tribeca hosted a private event entitled “Disruptive Innovation Revisited: Toward Quantum Innovation”. The event featured a lively conversation from select Disruptive Foundation Fellows and past Tribeca Disruptive Innovation award winners. They discussed how their applications of disruptive innovation have created value in unexpected ways, not only as applied to business and technology, but also culture and humanity.

Rabbi Irwin Kula and Craig Hatkoff also presented their newest article within the “Off-White Papers”, a series of original essays published by the Disruptor Foundation and written by Craig Hatkoff, Rabbi Irwin Kula, and Professor Clayton Christensen, the architect of and foremost authority on Disruptive Innovation.


Ruzwana Bashir –  Co-founder & CEO of PEEK
Kenzo Digital –  Director and Artist
Craig Hatkoff – Co-founder Tribeca Film Festival
Irwin Kula – Co-author of the “Off-White Papers”
Tiffany Shlain – Founder of The Webby Awards, and Co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences


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  1. Ellery Queen says:

    Blame it on globalization, the actual financial economic breakdown or perhaps the improved quantity of entrepreneurs in the society, in either case everyone has an enterprise idea and they need to help it become big.

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