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The world is changing and learning needs to change with it. Today, preparing young people for higher education and the workforce means building on the basics and connecting students with creative and imaginative learning experiences that connect to their interests and help them develop relevant skills and competencies for work, life, and civic participation. This means connecting learning that happens during the school day with the rest of children’s lives.

In Pittsburgh, Kids+Creativity is a collaborative network of people, projects and organizations working together to remake learning in schools, libraries, museums, afterschool programs, community centers and online. Kids+Creativity members are building a model for collaboration to connect Pittsburgh’s regional strengths in formal and informal education, learning research, and technology innovation to create a thriving ecosystem where learning happens anywhere and anytime for all children.

With millions of dollars invested, thousands of children and youth engaged, hundreds of dedicated practitioners active in dozens of organizations, and a thriving ecosystem to support and sustain this work, Pittsburgh’s approach is yielding tangible results for children, youth, and the community at large.


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Twitter –  @remakelearning
@CityPGH – Official Twitter Account for City of Pittsburgh
@ACE_Fitzgerald – Allegheny County Executive, Rich Fitzgerald

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