Jay Walker — Lifetime Achievement Award

Jay Walker is the founder and chairman of LabTV, an innovative new video platform designed to encourage millions of America’s best and brightest students to consider becoming medical scientists. A serial entrepreneur and business leader, Jay has founded three companies that serve more than 50 million customers each. Best known as the creator of Priceline,… [See Full Post]

Dick Fosbury — Lifetime Achievement Award


Dick Fosbury defied convention when he went on to win a Gold Medal at the 1968 Olympics hosted by Mexico City. The creator of the “Fosbury Flop” Dick changed the game forever. Since that time, the Fosbury Flop has become the universal technique used by elite high jumpers globally. The USA Olympic Hall of Famer continues… [See Full Post]

Kickstarter — Christensen Prize

Yancey Strickler Headshot[1]

Yancey Strickler is co-founder and CEO of Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. Since its launch in April 2009, more than 5.8 million people have pledged over $1 billion to projects on Kickstarter. The projects funded come from across the creative spectrum — everything from films, video games, and food trucks, to albums, product… [See Full Post]

Cronut® — Product of the Year


Dominique Ansel is the chef and owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. In 2014, he became one of Crain’s “40 Under 40”. In 2013, Chef Ansel was named one of Business Insider’s “Most Innovative people Under 40”. That same year, the Daily Mail UK called him the “most feted pastry chef in… [See Full Post]

Wochit — Gutenberg Prize

Wochit - dror and ran large

Wochit is a revolution in short form video. The cloud based video creation platform enables brands and storytellers to instantly react to any story and economically scale branded, studio-quality video production. Whether it’s breaking news or a personal message to communicate, in just 10 minutes you have a ready-to-publish video for web, social and mobile…. [See Full Post]

Sputnik & David Hoffman

Dh Photo 1

On October 4th, 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, humankind’s first artificial satellite.  This 184 lb. round ball of metal triggered a response in the United States which is now called The Sputnik Moment — a period of several years that began a scientific, political and cultural transformation in America and was the beginning of… [See Full Post]

Adam Braun


Adam Braun is a New York Times bestselling author and the Founder of Pencils of Promise, an award-winning organization that has built on more than 200 schools around the world. He began working summers at hedge funds when he was just sixteen years old, sprinting down the path to a successful Wall Street career. But… [See Full Post]

Yael Cohen — Henry IV Prize

Yael Cohen is the founder, president and CEO of Fuck Cancer, a cancer education organization aiming to activate Gen-Y to engage with their parents about early detection, preventative lifestyles and communication around cancer. Yael launched Fuck Cancer in 2009 after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to marshal strength for her mom, Yael… [See Full Post]

Dr. Francis Collins

Francis Collins2

Accepting on behalf of the National Institutes of Health is Dr. Francis S. Collins. Dr. Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D. is the Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  In that role he oversees the work of the largest supporter of biomedical research in the world, spanning the spectrum of scientific innovation from basic… [See Full Post]

Constitute Project


Google Ideas worked with the Comparative Constitutions Project to build Constitute with the goal of making the world’s constitutions searchable so people can easily find and compare specific constitutional material. This ranges from the fairly general, such as “Citizenship” and “Foreign Policy,” to the very specific, such as “Suffrage and turnouts” and “Judicial Autonomy and… [See Full Post]

JC Curleigh


James Curleigh serves as President of the Levi’s® brand. He is responsible for leading the strategic direction and execution of the brand globally with a focus on product creation, marketing concepts, and market solutions. His role is to drive this iconic brand confidently into the future. Curleigh has more than 20 years of experience building and… [See Full Post]

Dr. Regina E. Dugan

Regina Dugan_

Dr. Regina Dugan, Vice President of Engineering at Google, leads the Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group. ATAP is a small band of makers and believers charged with breakthrough innovations in mobile computing and accelerating the development of promising technologies to market. From May 2012 until February 2014, Regina was Senior Vice President and a… [See Full Post]

Mary Fisher


Mary Fisher did not wait for change; she became it. In the darkest days of the American AIDS epidemic, she showed millions a “new face of AIDS.” Through her speeches, books, painting, quilts and ethical jewelry, she’s called powerful audiences around the world to protect the powerless. She’s helped build clinics, schools, and sustainable social… [See Full Post]



Debbie Sterling is an engineer and founder of GoldieBlox, a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers. She has made it her mission in life to tackle the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math. GoldieBlox is a book series + construction set that engages kids to build through the… [See Full Post]



IdeaPaint, headquartered in Boston, MA, exists for one simple reason, to fundamentally improve the way people work and work together. IdeaPaint makes a high performance dry erase paint that transforms any surface into a boundless writable dry erase canvas that becomes a catalyst for better results; through encouraging collaboration, enhancing creativity and increasing engagement. Accepting… [See Full Post]

Kevin Kelley – Pareto Prize


Kevin Kelley, the head football coach and athletic director at Pulaski Academy High School in Little Rock, Arkansas has radically changed the thinking about “go for it” backed by statistical analysis. Kelley has been head football coach since 2003, adding the athletic directors role in January of 2007. Kelley has led his team to three… [See Full Post]

Lindon Leader


Over a thirty-year career in corporate identity Lindon has developed branding programs for FedEx, CIGNA, Avery Dennison, Hawaiian Airlines and Ryder Systems, among many others. Lindon has earned significant recognition worldwide, testimony to the merit of his two-word design philosophy: clarity and simplicity.  His work has appeared in numerous publications and his FedEx logo was… [See Full Post]

Roya Mahboob


Roya Mahboob is an Afghan entrepreneur and businesswoman focused on building #DigitalLiteracy for women and children in developing countries. Roya is the Founder and CEO of Afghan Citadel Software Company (ACSC), which is based in Afghanistan, and she is a Founder of which serves the emerging markets of Central Asia. Roya founded ACSC with… [See Full Post]



On November 28, 2013, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlapped for the first time in over a century, an event that will not happen again until the year 79811.  Inspired by this convergence, 10-year-old New York City resident Asher Weintraub conceived of the Menurkey™, a menorah shaped like a turkey.  Along with naming the Menurkey™ and designing… [See Full Post]

Jon Oringer


Jon Oringer is the founder and CEO of Shutterstock Inc. (NYSE:SSTK), the world’s leading provider of commercial stock videos, photos and illustrations. As a dynamic, two-sided creative marketplace, Shutterstock currently has 40,000 contributing artists providing 30 million images to 750,000 customers around the world. The company recently surpassed 350 million paid image downloads and maintains… [See Full Post]

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer

Provocative, irreverent, controversial and wildly creative, Amanda Palmer is a fearless singer, songwriter, playwright, blogger and an audaciously expressive pianist who simultaneously embraces – and explodes – traditional frameworks of music, theater and art. Amanda first came to prominence as one half of the internationally acclaimed punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. In 2008, she… [See Full Post]

City of Pittsburgh


The world is changing and learning needs to change with it. Today, preparing young people for higher education and the workforce means building on the basics and connecting students with creative and imaginative learning experiences that connect to their interests and help them develop relevant skills and competencies for work, life, and civic participation. This… [See Full Post]

Red Bull Music Academy


When Many Ameri and Torsten Schmidt were approached in 1997 by an Austrian Beverage Company to help to create something long-lasting and meaningful in music, they had little idea how serious those alpine folks really were. 17 years of Red Bull Music Academy later, their company yadastar conceptualizes and executes not only more than 500… [See Full Post]

Roland TR-808 — Rick Rubin & Kanye West


Rick Rubin and Kanye West are accepting on behalf of the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. “One of the most influential producers in the history of pop music.” — Interview Magazine As one of the most widely accomplished record producers of the past 25 years, Rick Rubin is also one of music’s biggest fans, a quality… [See Full Post]

Sesame Workshop

Sesame Street images ™/© 2014 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.

Accepting on behalf of Sesame Workshop is President and CEO, Melvin Ming. Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, the landmark television program that reaches millions of children every day in more than 150 countries. The Workshop’s mission is to use the educational power of media to help children everywhere reach their… [See Full Post]

Shiza Shahid


Shiza Shahid is an entrepreneur and social activist of Pakistani origin. She is the CEO and co-founder of the Malala Fund, the organization representing the young Pakistani activist who was shot by the Taliban for her campaign for girls’ education. A graduate of Stanford University, Shiza was previously a business analyst at McKinsey & Company in the… [See Full Post]

Warby Parker & VisionSpring

Neil Blumenthal

Both VisionSpring and Warby Parker have been inspired to disrupt the status quo in the fields of eyewear and vision—one from a non-profit perspective, and the other from a for-profit perspective. The result of this meeting of minds has been two distinct models with a common goal. VisionSpring, founded by Jordan Kassalow, is disrupting a… [See Full Post]