Lifetime Achievement Award – Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales

With only 50 employees and 450 million users, Wikipedia has changed the face of the world of collaborative information sharing.

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Special Recognition Award – the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Ken Gabriel

Dr. Ken Gabriel, Deputy Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  DARPA is honored for its role in creating, founding and funding of the Internet.  

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Katharina Hayes, Designer 3D Systems

Maslow’s Silver Hammer Award for additive manufacturing (3D printing).  Advances in alloys and printing technologies represent one of the most promising advances that have the potential to change the entire economic landscape.

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Keith Richards and Manager, Jane Rose

Jane Rose

Open G Tuning –  Instead of six strings in standard guitar tuning, in the late 60’s Keith Richards created a disruptive innovation by playing chords and riffs on five-string open G banjo tuning on his electric guitar. “It changed my life,” said Richards. This innovative use of Open G tuning embodied the hallmark sound of […]

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Xtranormal – Best Video of the Year


For pioneering text-to-video animation technology. Graham Sharp, President Sylvio Drouin, CTO Bruno Langlais, VP of Marketing  

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YouTube Play at The Guggenheim

Nancy Spector

Nancy Spector, Deputy Director and Chief Curator,  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum –  In this collaboration by the Guggenheim Museum and YouTube, the Guggenheim used an open Internet call for entries and selected 20 videos from 23,000 submissions, exhibiting them at its museums in October 2010 and making the videos available worldwide via YouTube.

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The Met: Live in HD


Peter Gelb, Executive Director, The Metropolitan Opera –  The challenge of finding new audiences while keeping traditional opera lovers satisfied was solved by the Met through high definition simulcasts, which now reach up to 1,500 movie theatres in 46 countries and an estimated audience to date of 7 million.

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The Digital Disruption

The Digital Disruption: Connectivity and the Diffusion of Power, by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, was published in Foreign Affairs magazine in October 2010 and eerily presages the events in the Middle East that started to unfold in December 2010. Cohen is adjunct fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and director of Google Ideas […]

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Warden Byron Garcia


In order to improve conditions at a prison where violence and despair was commonplace, Garcia instituted a mandatory program of dance and music for his 1500 inmates. In addition to creating a positive environment, and ending gang activity in the prison, the resulting dances (such as one set to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) became enormous YouTube […]

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Chris Andersen, Chief Curator of TED and Lara Stein, Director of TEDx This radical innovation expanded the TED audience making it more accessible and affordable, while tapping into a treasure trove of new sources of content through a licensing model of the traditional TED Conference. This risky decision has paid off and has enabled the […]

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Charter Cities

Paul Romer - Charter Cities

Paul Romer, Professor of Economics, NYU Stern School of Business, entrepreneur and Senior Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.  The theory behind Charter Cities: sometimes it is easier to start over than to fix legacy issues and get bogged down by politics, legal hurdles and special interests.

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Espresso Book Machine

Espresso Book Machine

Legendary publisher Jason Epstein and CEO Dane Neller have created a print-on-demand machine that eventually will allow users to choose from an enormous digital library of books, and print them on site.

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Representative Edward Markey – BP Spillcam

Ed Markey

Markey’s relentless efforts provided the public with a live feed “spillcam,” revealing the devastation occurring on the ocean floor.

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