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Twyla Tharp – Lifetime Achievement Award


Since graduating from Barnard College in 1963, Ms. Tharp has choreographed more than one hundred sixty works: one hundred twenty-nine dances, twelve television specials, five Hollywood movies, four full-length ballets, four Broadway shows and two figure skating routines.  She has also written three books.  She received one Tony Award, two Emmy Awards, nineteen honorary doctorates, […]

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City of Manchester – Manchester Prize for Urban Innovation


The City of Manchester is the powerhouse of the north of England.  Home to 2.6 million people and more than 90,000 businesses, the city’s economy is valued at £48 billion – 40% of GVA for the entire north west of England. Key industry sectors include: financial and professional services, manufacturing, low carbon, creative, digital and […]

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Norma Kamali


Norma Kamali is known for her innovative style and inventive approach to fashion.  She is known for directional, timeless concepts such as the sleeping bag coat, the high-heeled sneaker, clothing made from actual parachutes, influential swimwear, sweatshirt clothing as the forerunner of casual clothing and a collection of packable, wearable and multi-style clothing. Celebrities are […]

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Rus Yusupov


Rus Yusupov is a digital product designer and entrepreneur based in New York City.  His passion for the arts is grounded in his education at LaGuardia Arts High School and the School of Visual Arts, from which he holds a BFA in Graphic Design.  As a designer, he’s always been passionate about the creative process, […]

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Elise Andrew

Elise Andrew headshot

Elise is being honored for pushing social boundaries to reach a wider audience.  Her wildly successful yet slightly irreverently titled Facebook page, I Fucking Love Science has attracted a new audience of over 5 million young science lovers; her less irreverent mirror page, Science is Awesome, has attracted 300,000 users.  The use of culturally irreverent […]

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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Headshot

Glenn Beck, one of America’s leading multi-media personalities, is the founder and owner of TheBlaze, a 24/7 news, information and opinion network that is available on television and online. attracts 10 million unique visitors per month. Beck’s quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made The Glenn Beck Program the third highest rated […]

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Troy Carter


Renowned music manager Troy Carter is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Atom Factory, a pioneering entertainment and music management company. Carter has established the careers of numerous recording artists, including multi-platinum Grammy-Award winner Lady Gaga. Carter began his career in Philadelphia working for Will Smith and James Lassiter’s Overbrook Entertainment, and joined Bad Boy […]

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Ben Kaufman

Ben Kaufman

Ben Kaufman is the 26-year-old founder and CEO of Quirky.  His entrepreneurial journey started during his senior year of high school with a second mortgage on his parent’s house and the founding of an iPod accessory company called mophie.  Shortly after mophie won “Best in Show” at MacWorld 2006, Ben discovered his passion for involving […]

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Nicolas Berggruen


Nicolas Berggruen is the Chairman of Berggruen Holdings, a private company, which is the direct investment vehicle of The Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Foundation. He is also the Chairman of the Berggruen Institute on Governance.  Berggruen Holdings has operations, real estate and financial investments worldwide. The firm and related entities have made over 100 direct investments […]

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Hamdi Ulukaya

Hamdi Ulukaya Headshot

Dubbed “the Steve Jobs of yogurt” by Forbes, Hamdi Ulukaya built a $1 billion business in just five years.  Hamdi grew up in Turkey working his family’s sheep farm. In 1994 he moved to the U.S. and founded Chobani in 2005.  Today, Chobani is the No. 1 selling yogurt brand in America, and has grown […]

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Peter Shapiro

Peter Shapiro image

Independent music and film entrepreneur Peter Shapiro’s eclectic and wholly individual career path has led to acclaimed and ground-breaking projects like the IMAX concert films U23D and All Access, the annual Jammy Awards show, America’s Largest Earth Day event, and the Green Apple Festival. He is a founding partner of the inaugural Great GoogaMooga food and drink festival, founder […]

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Garrett Camp

Garrett Camp_Headshot

Garrett is a serial entrepreneur and investor based in San Francisco. Garrett is Chairman & Co-founder of Uber, an on-demand car service available in 30 cities across North America and Europe. Garrett is also Chairman and Co-founder of StumbleUpon, a web discovery platform he grew to over 25 million registered users as its founding CEO. […]

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Jack Andraka

JackAndrak head shot

Jack Andraka is a 15-year-old Maryland high school student who has invented an inexpensive and sensitive dipstick-like sensor for the rapid and early detection of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancers. He recently won the Gordon E. Moore top prize at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as well as the Google Thinking Big Award for […]

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GE Focus Forward


GE and cinelan have collaborated to create short films by renowned documentary filmmakers that highlight innovative people who are reshaping the world through act or invention. GE Focus Forward – Short Films Big Ideas have established a new platform for storytelling with a global reach.   Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President […]

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Forbes Media


Forbes Media LLC, publisher of Forbes magazine and, is an authoritative source of news and information on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and affluent lifestyles., a leading business website, currently reaches 46 million monthly unique visitors, according to Omniture.  Forbes magazine, Forbes Asia and Forbes Europe attract a global audience of 5 million […]

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The African Robotics Network (AFRON)


Since it launched May 2012, AFRON has 300 members from 25 countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, South Africa, Egypt, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Ethiopia, as well as affiliated members from the US, Switzerland, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina.  With guidance from an esteemed Advisory Board, AFRON’s first project was the “$10 Robot” International […]

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Donald Katz

DonKatz (2)

Donald Katz is founder and CEO of Audible, Inc., the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment on the Internet. Prior to founding Audible, Katz was a journalist and author for twenty years; his work won a National Magazine Award, an Overseas Press Club Award, the Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize for Nonfiction, […]

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Henry Jackson Initiative


The Henry Jackson Initiative (HJI) is a bi-partisan, transatlantic movement of business leaders, senior policy makers and academics focused on promoting a more Inclusive Capitalism.  The HJI calls for international collaboration from businesses and other organizations to encourage the widest possible adoption of programs that improve capitalism as a driver of wellbeing for society. The […]

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THINX – Radha and Miki Agrawal, Kym and Alexis McClay

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.36.18 PM

Miki Agrawal of WILD, Radha Agrawal of Super Sprowtz and Kym and Alexis McClay of NAVEN Accept the Joseph Lister Prize, Presented by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, for THINX The latest undertaking of entrepreneurial twins Radha and Miki Agrawal is THINX, a sustainable way for the 2 billion women around the world […]

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Kenzo Digital


Kenzo Digital is a director and artist based in New York City. His work is dedicated to synthesizing new narrative forms by unifying traditional storytelling with groundbreaking technology. Kenzo is best known for his collaborative work with Beyonce, including her video-driven 2011 Billboard Awards performance and the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Day 2012 project, “I […]

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Deborah Kenny

Debra Kenny

Deborah Kenny is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Harlem Village Academies, and is widely regarded as one of the most influential educational entrepreneurs in the country.  Under her leadership, HVA has become a national model for education reform.  Oprah Magazine named Kenny on its “Power List”, calling her a “visionary educator,” and Esquire […]

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STEM to STEAM Initiative


STEAM represents the economic progress and breakthrough innovation that comes from adding art and design to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and research: STEM + Art = STEAM. Access to ever-increasing data sets, complex scientific discovery, and always-on devices have left us oversaturated with information. The tools and methods of design offer new models […]

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Urban Dictionary


“I started Urban Dictionary as a freshman at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I started it because I felt like traditional dictionaries weren’t keeping up with changes in language – in contrast, Urban Dictionary receives a new definition every 30 seconds.  I started it to parody the authority of the traditional dictionary. A traditional dictionary […]

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PSY- Thumbs UP

The recent online obsession over PSY’s video for “Gangnam Style” has turned the Korean artist into a global phenomenon.  “Gangnam Style,” a hit single about the ideal hip/trendy man and woman, has received over 28 million YouTube views so far and has grabbed the attention of Robbie Williams, T Pain, and Josh Groban, as well […]

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Jose Antonio Vargas

Joe Vargas

Jose Antonio Vargas is the founder of Define American, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to elevating and reframing the immigration conversation. A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Vargas, in a June 2012 cover story for TIME magazine titled “WE ARE AMERICANS* (*Just not legally),” popularized the term “undocumented Americans” in describing the country’s population of 11.5 million […]

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Lifetime Achievement Award – Jack Dorsey

jack dorsey

A self-taught computer coder, Dorsey dropped out of New York University in 1999, and gravitated to tech. In 2006, with Ev Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass, he cofounded Twitter and was the company’s chief executive until 2008. At it’s start, Dorsey had built a simple site where users could instantly post short messages of 140 characters or […]

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Lifetime Achievement Award – John Wood, Founder and Board Co-Chair of Room to Read

john wood

Wood’s organization focuses on improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world. Since 2000, they have established over 13,500 libraries, 1,600 schools and distributed over 10 million books, impacting over 6 million children in the developing world. It all started with a case of job burnout. As an overworked Microsoft executive, John Wood escaped […]

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Perry Chen and Yancey Strickler – Kickstarter


Perry Chen provided the original idea for the crowd-funding Web site Kickstarter. He then founded the company with Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler. Yancey Strickler is currently CEO. Yancey served as Kickstarter’s Head of Community and Head of Communications before becoming CEO. Prior to Kickstarter, he was a music journalist whose writing appeared in The […]

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Dr. Pat Bath – Laserphaco


Born in Harlem, Dr. Patricia Bath became the first African American to complete a residency in ophthalmology in 1973. Bath worked hard on her intellectual pursuits and, at the age of 16, became one of only a few students to attend a cancer research workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The program head, Dr. Robert […]

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Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.59.17 AM

Accepting on behalf of WintersGel are Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP, Vice President of Prosthetics for Hanger Clinic & Dan Strzempka, CPO, Area Practice Manager for Hanger Clinic.   In December 2005, a three-month-old bottlenose dolphin found herself tangled in the ropes of a crab trap near Cape Canaveral, Florida. Fortunately, fisherman Jim Savage heard her […]

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Alec Ross – former Senior Advisor for Innovation, U.S. Department of State


Ross served as Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, where he was tasked with maximizing the potential of technology and innovation in service of America’s diplomatic goals and stewarding Secretary of State Clinton’s 21st Century Statecraft agenda. In this role, Alec helped ensure America’s leadership and advanced the State Department’s interests on […]

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Dr. Steven A. Curley — Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation


Dr. Steven A. Curley, Professor of Surgical Oncology, M. D., F.A.C.S. at MD Anderson Cancer Center is honored for his work at Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. Dr. Curley led the development of a promising, non-invasive nano-particle radio-wave cancer treatment that fries hyper-targeted cancer cells. Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation was a registered, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization from […]

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Peter Thum — Fonderie 47

Peter Thum

Peter Thum is CEO & Co-Founder of Fonderie 47, working to stop gun violence.  He is Founder and CEO of two brands: Fonderie 47 and Liberty United; ventures that transform illegal guns into jewelry, watches, and art. In 2008, while working in Africa on water projects, Peter met boys and young men armed with assault rifles. […]

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DARPA Cheetah

The Cheetah robot is the fastest legged robot in the world, surpassing 29 mph, a new land speed record for legged robots. The previous record was 13.1 mph, set in 1989 at MIT. The Cheetah robot has an articulated back that flexes back and forth on each step, increasing its stride and running speed, much […]

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DARPA Hummingbird


Hummingbird is developed by DARPA’s Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) program, Dr. Gill Pratt, DARPA Program Manager and AeroVironment, and Matt Keennon, Project Manager. The latest in nano-drone technology, the Hummingbird brings strategic surprise to a new level of realism. The life-size prototype uses flapping wings for propulsion and control. Carrying a video camera and downlink, it has […]

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Bre Pettis – Makerbot


Bre Pettis created Bold Machines which is now an independent product development workshop. Bre Pettis looks forward to creating innovative products using Stratasys, MakerBot and Solidscape 3D printers. He’s a cofounder and former CEO of MakerBot, leading the next industrial revolution to empower creative explorers to make anything. With “The Replicator,” a desktop 3D printer that can make objects about the […]

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Thomas Suarez – Founder and Chief Engineer, CarrotCorp, Inc.

Thomas Suarez

Suarez is hardly an average sixth-grader. The (at the time of TDIA) 12-year-old app developer has started a movement for app clubs for schools. Thomas’ inspirational TEDx talk has attracted nearly 2 million online views. Suarez attends middle school in the South Bay and is in the sixth grade. He has established his own company, CarrotCorp, […]

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OpenCourseWare & MITx


Rafael Reif (left) is Provost at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology led the creation of MITx. Accepting at TDIA for Rafael is the Chancellor of MIT, Eric Grimson. The mission of Massachusetts Institute of Technology is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation […]

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Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing


Accepting on Stanford’s behalf are Katharine Ku, Executive Director, and Luis Mejia, Associate Director For more than 40 years, OTL’s goal has been to successfully transfer Stanford cutting edge technology to industry via both start-ups and existing companies. Notable Stanford licenses include the exclusive license to Google and the 440 nonexclusive licenses to the basic […]

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Small Enterprise Economic Development (SEED) Program


SEED, University at Albany, SUNY, SEFCU and the Empire State Development Corporation – SEED links faculty, staff and graduate students from the UAlbany School of Social Welfare, the UAlbany School of Business and its Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to local entrepreneurs. It has $2.5 million in financial support from SEFCU and $96,700 from ESD. […]

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Street Bump App


Street Bump App is City of Boston’s newest mobile phone app designed to help Boston residents improve their neighborhoods. Taking advantage of the sensors on smart phones, Street Bump will provide the City with a near-real time picture of Boston’s road conditions and the location of its potholes. Accepting on behalf of the app are […]

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Marci Harris – POPVOX


Marci Harris is the CEO of POPVOX. A former Congressional staffer and lawyer, Marci says that her “first startup was a town,” as she led Jackson, TN’s rebuilding efforts following a 2004 tornado. She received a B.A. in International Relations from Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland and attended law school at the University of Memphis […]

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Rachael Chong — Catchafire

rachael chong

Chong created Catchafire: an online matching service for social entrepreneurs and non-profits in need of pro-bono professional services, engaging a network of professionals seeking worthy projects for the public good. The one quote that Rachael hangs by her desk says, “Be truthful, gentle, and fearless.” She wants to leave this earth known as a leader who […]

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Jaqueline Novogratz


Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO of Acumen, created a new philanthropic business model for patient, disciplined investment in disruptive innovations in emerging markets. Acumen’s mission is to create a world beyond poverty by investing in social enterprises, emerging leaders, and breakthrough ideas. It invests patient capital to identify, strengthen and scale business models that effectively serve the […]

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Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm — WITNESS

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.38.20 AM

Co-founded in 1992 by Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm and advocate and musician Peter Gabriel, WITNESS was created in the aftermath of the Rodney King incident, in which a bystander recorded police brutality. Its founding vision sought to amplify grassroots voices through stories and transform them into powerful agents of change. Today—20 years later—WITNESS has partnered with more […]

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Jason Kottke –


A pioneering blogger since 1998, Kottke used crowd funding to keep his blog running and has created one of the most influential voices on the Internet through consistent yet eclectic curation. Jason currently lives in NYC where he works on and Stellar, a site for collecting and sharing your favorite things. You can find him on Twitter, […]

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Tiffany Shlain


Tiffany Shlain is an Emmy-nominated and award-winning filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards. She created disruptive innovation both in the way she made Connected and the way she is using the social media itself to further the conversation about its subject: “connectedness” in the 21st century. Tiffany Shlain has received over 70 awards and […]

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James Steyer – Common Sense Media

Steyer Headshot Color_small

James Steyer is one of the most respected experts and entrepreneurs on issues related to children’s media and education in the United States. He is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Common Sense Media, the nation’s leading non-partisan organization dedicated to improving media and technology choices for kids and families. He is also the Founder and […]

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Jourdan Urbach


Jourdan Urbach, Executive Director, Concerts for a Cure Executive Director, International Coalition of College Philanthropists Goodwill Ambassador and Artist-in-Residence, UN Arts for Peace – Urbach is a 20-year-old, award-winning, Juilliard-trained violin virtuoso, a composer/film scorer, a Yale University senior and Founder/Executive Director of Concerts for a Cure. He stands alone as the only young, classical music […]

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Playing for Change


Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. Playing For Change was born in 2002 as a shared vision between co-founders, Mark Johnson and […]

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Pat Metheny & Linda Manzer

Pat Metheny and Linda Manzer – Legendary jazz guitarist Metheny and pioneering designer Manzer have had a three-decade collaboration, which began with the creation of the 42-string Pikasso guitar in 1984. It has a special feature known as “The Wedge,” a tapered body shape that makes the side closest to the player thinner than the […]

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Rick Rubin – Founder, Def Jam Records

Rick Rubin_52_hi[1]

                    As one of the most widely accomplished record producers of the past 25 years, Rick Rubin is also one of music’s biggest fans, a quality often times lost in the commerce of the record industry.  Whether he is working with an artist in his capacity […]

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Nimble TV


Anand Subramanian, Founder and CEO

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Ed Burns – Director & Writer, “Newlyweds”


When a feature film can be shot on a micro-budget of $9,000 with no fixed sets, in live environments and on a small HD camera, watch out. Burns’ Newlyweds is a case in point. Shot in the neighborhood of Tribeca, it was the Closing Night film at the 2011 TFF and was later acquired and […]

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Justin Bieber and manager Scooter Braun, Music Manager and Entrepreneur

In the first major discovery of an artist on YouTube, videos posted by Bieber and seen by Braun on YouTube led to an unprecedented success story that disrupted the traditional gatekeepers of the music industry. Bieber has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide to date and has amassed more than 2.7 billion video views […]

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Lifetime Achievement Award – Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales

With only 50 employees and 450 million users, Wikipedia has changed the face of the world of collaborative information sharing. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales had been interested in the internet from its earliest days. Wales spent considerable amounts of time reading encyclopedias as a child and credits this self-directed upbringing with his ability to think creatively. He studied […]

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Special Recognition Award – Dr. Ken Gabriel (DARPA)


Dr. Ken Gabriel, Deputy Director (at the time of TDIA), accepts on behalf of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA is honored for its role in creating, founding and funding of the Internet. Dr. Ken Gabriel is currently president and CEO of The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc., an independent not-for-profit research institution that […]

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Katharina Hayes, Designer 3D Systems

katharina 3d systems

We honor Katharina Hayes, on behalf of 3D Systems, with Maslow’s Silver Hammer Award for additive manufacturing (3D printing). Katharina Hayes is Director of Communication, Marketing & Business Development at 3D Systems whose advances in alloys and printing technologies represent one of the most promising advances that have the potential to change the entire economic […]

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Keith Richards and Jane Rose – Open G tuning


Instead of six strings in standard guitar tuning, in the late 60’s Keith Richards created a disruptive innovation by playing chords and riffs on five-string open G banjo tuning on his electric guitar. “It changed my life,” said Richards. This innovative use of Open G tuning embodied the hallmark sound of the Rolling Stones, leaving […]

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Xtranormal – Best Video of the Year


The team at Xtranormal accepting for pioneering text-to-video animation technology: Graham Sharp, President Sylvio Drouin, CTO Bruno Langlais, VP of Marketing Xtranormal provides free online tools that allow anyone to create movies and publish them online. You can select the characters, location, voices and sound effects and type your own script into the movie maker. After […]

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Nancy Spector –YouTube Play at The Guggenheim


In this collaboration by the Guggenheim Museum and YouTube, the Guggenheim used an open Internet call for entries and selected 20 videos from 23,000 submissions, exhibiting them at its museums in October 2010 and making the videos available worldwide via YouTube. YouTube Play focused on the most exceptional talent working in the ever-expanding realm of […]

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Peter Gelb — The Met: Live in HD


  Peter Gelb’s career has followed a singular arc that began with his teenage years as an usher at the Metropolitan Opera and led to his appointment, in August 2006, as the storied company’s 16th general manager. Now in his ninth season at the helm of the Met, Mr. Gelb has overseen the launch of […]

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Jared Cohen and Eric Schmidt — The Digital Disruption

jared eric schmidt

“The Digital Disruption: Connectivity and the Diffusion of Power,” by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, was published in Foreign Affairs magazine in October 2010 and eerily presaged the events in the Middle East that started to unfold in December 2010. Eric Schmidt is the Executive Chairman at Google. Since joining Google in 2001, Eric Schmidt […]

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Warden Byron Garcia

byron garcia

  CPDRC Dancing Inmates or the CPDRC dancers is a collective of prison inmates in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a maximum security prison in Cebu, in Cebu Province, Philippines where the prisoners perform dance routines as part of their daily exercise and rehabilitation, and many of their performances are filmed and released online, […]

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Chris Andersen and Lara Stein — TEDx


Accepting the award on behalf of TEDx is Chris Andersen and TEDx founder Lara Stein  After a long career in journalism and publishing, Chris Anderson became the curator of the TED Conference in 2002 and has developed it as a platform for identifying and disseminating ideas worth spreading including TEDx. This radical innovation expanded the […]

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Paul Romer – Charter Cities


  Paul Romer, Professor of Economics, NYU Stern School of Business, entrepreneur and Senior Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research developed the theory behind Charter Cities: sometimes it is easier to start over than to fix legacy issues and get bogged down by politics, legal hurdles and special interests. An economist and policy entrepreneur, he […]

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Espresso Book Machine

Espresso Book Machine

Legendary publisher Jason Epstein and CEO Dane Neller have created a print-on-demand machine that eventually will allow users to choose from an enormous digital library of books, and print them on site. Espresso Book Machine (EBM) is a patented technology that can make a paperback book in minutes, at point of sale.hrough its EspressNet® digital catalog […]

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Senator Edward Markey – BP Spillcam


Senator Edward J. Markey, a consumer champion and national leader on energy, environmental protection and telecommunications policy, has a prolific legislative record on major issues across the policy spectrum and a deep commitment to improving the lives of the people of Massachusetts and our country. Whether the issue is climate change, clean energy, safeguarding privacy, […]

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Ashton Kutcher – Twitter

ashton kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is an actor, tech investor and producer. Kutcher starred in the comedy series’ Two and a Half Men and  That 70’s Show and a variety of box office hits on the big screen. Kutcher has long been recognized for his tech investments and social media prowess, beginning with Twitter. In 2009, he was the first Twitter user […]

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Eric Steven Raymond – The Cathedral & The Bazaar

Eric Steven Raymond

Eric Steven Raymond, often referred to as ESR, is a computer programmer and open source software advocate.Raymond’s name became known within the hacker culture when he became the maintainer of the “Jargon File”. After the 1997 publication of important essay on programming “The Cathedral and the Bazaar“, Raymond became, for a number of years, an informal […]

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Clifford Ross – R1 Camera


Born in New York City, Ross earned a BA in Art and Art History from Yale University in 1974. Following an early career in painting and sculpture, Ross began his photographic work in 1994. A major milestone in his work was the Hurricane series, begun in 1996. The large-scale black and white images depict dramatic […]

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Alfred Taubman – Threshold Resistance

Alfred Taubman 1

Adolf Alfred Taubman was an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, known for conceptualizing the modern shopping malls. He pioneered the concept of shopping mall, an emerging trend in the global arena. The combination of his brilliance and sincerity shaped the emergence of shopping centers around the world. His imaginative vision transformed many lives along with his […]

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Michiko Kakutani – The New York Times

We would like to recognize Michiko for her New York Times article entitled “Text Without Context” regarding artistic appropriation and dilution. Her work represents a major contribution to the field of innovation theory that cogently highlights the inherent risks as well as the opportunities stemming from new paradigms of expression particularly through disruptive technologies and […]

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Disruptive Innovators to Watch: Urban Compass


Urban Compass is helping people connect with the world around them by combining transparent online search with local expertise. By merging technology with real-world knowledge they add personal insight to the decisions people make every day, starting with where to live in New York City. This is their first chapter. Stay tuned and check them […]

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Thomas Suarez – TDIA’s Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez’  fascination with technology began at an early age.  He taught himself how to program which led him to develop apps for the App Store. He published his first app, “Earth Fortune”, and this was quickly followed by his most famous app, “Bustin Jieber”, a Justin Bieber whack-a-mole.  At 12, Thomas gave a TEDx […]

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